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Photography classes NYC

Photography courses NYC



Home > Workshops & Field trips > Field Trip: Exposure Fundamentals
Photography Field Trip NYCClass starts at our facilities by reviewing the foundations of digital camera settings and manual mode, including exposure control, shutter speed, aperture and ISO. On the second part of this photo workshop, students will headout to Union Square park or the Highline (when possible) to put their knowledge to test. This photo tour will include assessing lighting conditions, applying appropriate camera settings to successfully expose the image, and dealing with various camera settings such as focus, metering, and framing on a busy environment. This part will also include blur control, and freezing motion. 

Please bring your camera with fresh batteries! 
Note, camera must have Manual control of shutter-speed and aperture.  In case of rain, sessions will be rescheduled as possible. Also recommended "Field Trip, Night Photography"