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Photography classes NYC

Photography courses NYC



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Night Photography Class NYCThese photography workshops start at our facilities by reviewing the foundations of exposure as related uniquely to night photography. Students will test shoot all learned concepts and then head out to shoot a series of experimental key night images that will take their skills to the next level. This photo tour follows with plenty of shooting from ambiance, through motion blur to lighting effects and wonderful cityscapes. Class times are assigned so to capture part of dusk, weather permitting. Shooting areas will be Union Square park or the Highline (when possible). 

PhotoManhattan will provide Tripods as needed. Class is limited to 10 students. 

Requirements: basic knowledge of Manual exposure. And camera with Manual control of shutter-speed and aperture. NOTE: In case of rain, sessions will be rescheduled. Also recommended "Field trip, Exposure & Manual Mode"
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Field Trip Night Photography: Oct 01, Wednesday 7:00 PM-10:30 PM

Field Trip Night Photography:

Full fee: $95.00