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Fashion Photography Class NYCHDR Photography: In this seminar students will be introduced to the fundamentals of HDR photography including: dynamic range, bracketed exposures, and digital post-processing. Students will go out to shoot with their instructor to create their images and end class by processing their own images on using HDR processing software at Photomanhattan. Bring a flash drive and your camera with fresh batteries, and the camera's manual if at hand. Students are encouraged to bring tripods as well, though PhotoManhattan will also have tripods available for use, if needed.

Requirements: Basic knowledge of aperture & shutter-speed are highly recommended but not necessary.
Note: Any camera works so long as it has some bracketing option which most cameras have regardless of whehter they are automatic, manual, SLRs or point and shoots. You should look for either "EV" (exposure compensation), aperture or shutter speed priority, or Manual Mode.

Cyanotypes Workshop: During this workshop students will learn one of the first photographic printing processes that uses sunlight to create cyan-blue images.

Part 1: Using found and constructed objects the class will be making blue-print photograms (No cameras!). We begin with a demo of how to coat your own paper, then a brief cyanotypehistory while we allow the coating to dry. Using objects brought from home, or ones found/constructed we lay out ideas for our photograms. The class then goes outside to expose their photograms until we come back for a final development demo. Please bring: Objects from home, Blotting paper to take your prints home, Clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty

Part 2: we'll show you how to create a cyanotype print from an image shot with your digital camera. The whole process will be started and finished during the workshop and each student will take home his/her cyanotype print. Please bring your favorite shots to class so that they can be printed. You can also choose to shoot a new one during class.

iPhoneography Class at PhotoManhattan NYCiPhoneography: Yes, that iPhone that you have in your pocket has a great camera! But have you ever wondered how much more you can do with it? Today's smart phones are much more than a "point and shoot camera". Why not take full advantage of it? These 2-3 hour classes will teach you how to maximize the potential of these devices and what you can do with some of its most popular photo apps. You will learn how to effectively work around some of its limitations and increase your iPhone's potential! You will be amazed (and so will your friends!). Don't wait any longer phones are getting better and smarter! .

iPhoneography PART 1: This starter covers the details of camera settings and options, shooting test and tricks and tips, uploading, batching, resizing, and sharing. Apple computers provided when needed.

iPhoneography PART 2: This part includes camera shooting apps such as Instagram, special effects, editing software and fancy iPhone accessories that PhotoManhattan will make available for you to use and test in class: including solirizer filter, grip, extra iPhone flash and many more!.

Requirements: iPhone.

Free Photography Class NYCFree Photo class: Every month we'll feature a free photo class. Topics can vary from digital camera, through TTL flash, to fashion. Sessions will generally open 24 hours prior to the start of each class. Please verify that you have the minimum requirements before joining a class. Stay tuned!

NOTE: To ensure only serious bookings, registrations for each date will open a day or two prior to the class. Seats will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Also recommended: Seminar Exposure fundamentals.

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