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Photography classes NYC

Photography courses NYC



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iPhoneography Class at PhotoManhattan NYCYes, that iPhone that you have in your pocket has a great camera! But have you ever wondered how much more you can do with it? Today's smart phones are much more than a "point and shoot camera". Why not take full advantage of it? 

These 2-3 hour classes will teach you how to maximize the potential of these devices and what you can do with some of its most popular photo apps. You will learn how to effectively work around some of its limitations and increase your iPhone's potential! You will be amazed (and so will your friends!). Don't wait any longer phones are getting better and smarter! .

 iPhoneography PART 1: This starter covers the details of camera settings and options, shooting test and tricks and tips, uploading, batching, resizing, and sharing. Apple computers provided when needed. 

iPhoneography PART 2: This part includes camera shooting apps such as Instagram, special effects, editing software and fancy iPhone accessories that PhotoManhattan will make available for you to use and test in class: including solirizer filter, grip, extra iPhone flash and many more!. Requirements: iPhone.