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From just shooting on the street in Street Photography, it now goes into Documentary and Photojournalism. Each class will consist of an introduction to the work of famous documentary photographers and various documentary and journalism techniques that students will learn through weekly photo assignments and in class group critiques. Weather permitting, some sessions may take place outdoors

Throughout the duration of the course, students will work on a Photo documentary body of work of their own choice from the conception of an idea, through the analysis of the subject, to the final layout of a series of photographs. Students will showcase their best photographs at PhotoManhattan's Exhibit. (Optional). This course is highly recommended for those of you who want to take your Street photography skills to the next level, to develop your own voice and point of view. $380-$400.

Available versions: Sessions, 4 hour length class. // 6 Sessions, 2.5 hour length class. (Exhibit is optional) // 9 Sessions, 2 hours length class. Includes outdoor shooting and a group photo exhibit.

Requirements: Any Digital Camera. Manual options highly recommended.

Level of Knowledge Assumed: Digital Photography I or equivalent, Photo II recommended. This course will not cover the how-to's of the camera settings, menus or exposure

Course Structure Suggestion: Digital Photography I --> Street Photography --> Digital Photography II <--> Photo Documentary and Journalism (or take Photo II in parallel).

Should the assigned instructor become suddenly unavailable, we'll allocate a substitute instructor.


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Photo Journalism & Documentary (6-Sessions): Apr 18-May 04, Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:00 PM-3:00 PM.

Instructor: C.N.(View Bio)

(Photo Journalism & Documentary (6-Sessions): 04/18-05/04.
04/18 at PhotoManhattan)_

Full fee: 390.00
Photo Journalism & Documentary (5-Sessions): May 17-Jun 14, Wednesdays 5:30 PM-8:00 PM.

Instructor: C.N.(View Bio)
Live Webinar Available.

(Photo Journalism & Documentary (5-Sessions): 05/17-06/14.
05/17 at PhotoManhattan)_

Full fee: 390.00