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This course explores both the intangibles of art portraiture and the concrete specifics of client-based portraiture in NYC. The work of successful photographers in candid, formal and commercial portraiture will be analyzed and harvested for both their technical and aesthetic merits. Classes include: Introduction to Portraiture styles and history, Portraiture composition, Directing the sitters, Environmental portraiture and Portrait lighting using hot-lights, and a live professional model photo shoot. $365-$385.

Available versions:
9-Session version (including Photo exhibit) // 5-Session version (optional Photo Exhibit).

Requirements: A Digital Camera with Manual Settings (Aperture & Shutter speed).

Level of Knowledge Assumed: Digital Photography I or equivalent, Photo II recommended.

Course Structure Suggestion:
Photo I --> Studio & Lighting and Portraiture --> Photo Journalism and / or Wedding Photography (in this order or in parallel).

Note: Should the assigned instructor become suddenly unavailable, we'll allocate a substitute instructor.

This course may qualify for Free Studio Meetups!


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Portraiture I (9-Sessions): Oct 06-Nov 24, Tuesdays 8:30 PM-10:30 PM. And exhibit on 12/1, 8:15-10:15pm.

Instructor: C.N.(View Bio)

(Portraiture I (9-Sessions): 10/06-11/24. And exhibit on 12/1, 8:15-1
10/06 at PhotoManhattan)_

Full fee: $375.00
Portraiture I (5-Sessions): Nov 07-Dec 12, Saturdays 12:15 PM-2:45 PM. (No class on 11/28)

Instructor: TBA

(Portraiture I (5-Sessions): 11/07-12/05.
11/07 at PhotoManhattan)_

Full fee: $365.00
Portraiture I (9-Sessions): Dec 01-Feb 02, Tuesdays 6:00 PM-8:00 PM. (No class on 12/22 & 12/29). And exhibit on Sun 2/6, 3:00-5:00pm.

Instructor: J.R.(View Bio)

(Portraiture I (9-Sessions): 12/01-01/26. (No class on 12/22 & 12/29)
12/01 at PhotoManhattan)_

Full fee: $385.00