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Lighting workshop NYCThis the perfect first step to becoming acquainted with the Studio Photography! This workshop will be a full hands-on photo shooting using professional studio equipment. Students will be introduced to the use Studio Strobes, Accessories such as softbox, barn doors, snoots and umbrellas, Flash-meter AND basic portrait lighting techniques using up to 3 strobes. 

 Requirements: Good understanding of aperture and shutter speed is recommended but not required. Digital SLR or Point & shoot camera with flash mount and manual controls for aperture & shutterspeed. You are welcome to bring your flash-meter if you own one! Limited spaces: 10 Students.
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Seminar Studio & Lighting: Aug 19, Wednesday 3:30 PM-5:30 PM.
Full fee: $65.00

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Instructor: S.G.(View Bio)

(Seminar Studio & Lighting: 08/19-08/19.
08/19 at PhotoManhattan)_

Instructor: S.G.(View Bio)

(Seminar Studio & Lighting: 09/01-09/01.
09/01 at PhotoManhattan)_