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One-on-One photography lessons NYC

Photo tutor NYC - Midtown Manhattan traffic

Private photo classes are tailored to your needs and schedule. Easy automatic online booking for singles or groups. Choose Indoor or outdoor shooting at Union square or the Highline or other locations in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Or, take virtual photo classes using your phone or computer from anywhere in the country. You can fully customize the topics of each class, or select the content of one of our existing courses. We recommend starting with 4-hours split in 2-hour sessions. If you are looking looking for instruction in Spanish or French, please send your inquire to [email protected] and we'll try find one available instructor for you.

Classes start at $140 per session.

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Class topics:
Note class content: Use the topics below as a starting reference for your customized content. Your instructor will further customize the content to your needs thereon. For existing courses, please specify your pick at the checkout screen. (View list of courses)

Introductory Photography: Basic subjects such as camera settings and exposure, to more intermediate general topics, such as composition and street photography, and basic Portrait and Lighting.

From beginner photoshop to advanced. Requirement: Computer knowledge is a must. PhotoManhattan will provide an Apple laptop with Photoshop CS6. If you wish to bring your own laptop, please specify which version of Photoshop you have.

Our knowledgeable instructors will help you figure out the ins and outs of your flash. We need to know your flash and camera's specific brand and model so that the instructor can know the compatibility options between the two. Requirement: Photo exposure experience (aperture/shutter speed).
Studio Lighting / Product Photography:
The class can be primarily on how to use the equipment (strobes, flash-meters, etc), or focus on achieving a particular lighting technique. In this case, please bring a sample of a photograph with the lighting effect that you wish to achieve. You can bring a model if you wish, and if you feel comfortable with the basics. If you are looking for basic Product photography without Strobes, please add so in the comments area. Requirement: Photo exposure experience (aperture/shutter speed) and specification on what you'd like to work on.

Other topics: Portrait, Selfies, Mobile photography (iPhone, Instagram, Food styling, and Product photo and more)
If you are looking for a different class than those above, please provides us with a detailed description of what you are looking to learn. Please come to class with all of your questions handy. Also, bring with you samples of photographs you like. Be ready to describe what you would like to achieve in general.


Darkroom Please use this link to book.


Digital Photography Classes NYC Introduction to Photography

This photography course covers the foundamentals of image making. Course includes basic lighting and exposure, night photography, motion blur, and much more. All cameras including Smartphones are welcome.

Digital Photography classes NYC Master your Exposure & Imagery with Manual Mode

Did you know? Now iPhones and latest smartphones have Manual Mode! Find out all that can be done with Manual Mode beyond Bokeh background blur. No need to be afraid of the “M” on your camera anymore! With "M" mode you are able to unleash the full potential of your camera's technical ability and do amazing effects!

Creative Photography classes NYC Visuals & Composition

Take a journey into the world of Visuals, Learn the rules of framing and composition, and develop your own style. All cameras and iPhones are welcome!

Starts at: $325.00. (Online).
In Person: $375.00.
Landscape Photography Class PhotoManhattan Travel, Landscape & Street Photography

Shoot on the ground in New York City in a course built on intensive hands-on photo field trips. From street photography to documentary, photojournalism and Travel Photography. Sessions will consist of realtime, outdoor shooting.

Portrait class NYC | PhotoManhattan Portrait & Headshots for Beginners

Welcome to Portraiture!. This workshop is a full guide to the fundamentals of portraiture. You'll learn: Posing, capturing the moments, Gestures, Body language, backgrounds, shooting angles, and directing and interacting with your subjects.