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Seminar Instagram and Social Media: Oct 07, Monday 3:30 PM-5:30 PM.
Seminar Instagram and Social Media: Oct 07, Monday 3:30 PM-5:30 PM.
Full fee: $120.00

Instagram and Social media.

Make your photos and videos stand out in social media. Although we've all heard of Social media apps, there's a gem of opportunity to learn, share and expand your creativity just by diving into this virtual community.Applications such as Instagram provide rich and accessible exposure to all sorts of photography fields while at the same time their built in photo applications continue to innovate the way photography and video are used and applied on a daily basis. Learn how to take advantages of the ins and outs of Instagram and other social media apps. This workshop will cover in brief all you need to know to start using Instagram from scratch and how to maximize it's potential wether it's for your own creative endeavors or for your entrepreneurial needs.

Workshop will include:
The basics: App settings and how to get started.
Built in photo apps: filters effects, timelapse, zuper zoom.
Hashtags: The ins and outs of hashtag'ing. How to be part of it and expand your exposure.
Live stories and video basics.
Photo visuals and current Trends, including special effects such as double exposure and editing apps.

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