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Exhibit Participation: Friday Apr 12: 6:30pm-8:30pm.
Exhibit Participation: Friday Apr 12: 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Join your class mates and showcase your best photographs!

GROUP PHOTO EXHIBIT: Friday Apr 12: 6:30pm-8:30pm.

All you need to do is bring your selected photos on 8X10 inches size. You may bring 2 to 6 photos. The instructions on how to have them printed are on the back of your syllabus, or at the bottom of this page. If you need any help please reach us at 212 929-3302.

You can purchase mats by adding them below or at our front desk as well.
Because this is your exhibition, you are welcome to invite your friends and family. There'll be music and complimentary snacks and beverages. Don't miss out!

Please view printing, matting, and prep details below.
Full fee: $45.00

Price with Selected Options: $45.00

Status: open.

Set of 6 - 8X10 White Mats & Hangers - USED [$30.00]
Set of 6 - 6X9 White Mats & Hangers - USED [$30.00]
Set of 6 - 6X9 White Mats & Hangers - NEW - Out of stock [$45.00]

As part of our student body you can participate in any of our ongoing exhibits and showcase your best photos - from 2 to 6 photos. All you need to do is print your photos on 8"X10" and mat them. Your one-time participation fee is $45.00 - Your guests are Free.

  • Mats, we carry them at PhotoManhattan, ready with hangers, which you can buy now by adding to cart and pick up at a later time, or pass by and purchase them in person. Mon-Thu 12pm-11pm. And Sat 11am-7pm. The set of 6 mats with hangers is $45.00

  • Printing details should be available at the back of your syllabus, or at the bottom of this description. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to call us at 212 929-3302. We'll walk you through while at the lab, or you can pass by for matting help.

Please plan to arrive 15-30min earlier with your photos matted and ready to hang. There are limited spaces on a first come first serve basis.

Exhibitions are a great addition to your learning experience, and it's also the one time an off-classroom group gathering with class mates, instructors and other photographers, with music, snacks and beverages. And best of all, you'll have your own photos home decor! If you don't have any photos and just wish to attend, we'd love to have you attend too! (this is free of course).


Arrival time: 15-30 minutes earlier, if possible.

What to bring: Have your photos ready to hang: matted, with hangers and your name written in the back of each photo.

Visits: You are welcome to invite your friends and family. Due to limited spaces, however, we kindly ask that you limit your guests to groups of 7-8 persons or less.You can invite several groups at different time slots.

What happens after the exhibit: We will publish your photos on our website and send you the link and pick up notice within 7 days. To opt out, just notify our front desk and bring your photos home with you.

Printing: Please choose the mats first, as this will determine the printing details. View below:

Matting & Printing: You'll find a printing guide at the back of your syllabus. For those of you who were absent to your last class, or need some help for the exhibit preparation, here are some printing instructions:

1- If you purchased your mats from PhotoManhattan, ask the store to print your photos 9.6X6.3 inches, or the closest possible. This is the size of the opening of our mats. Note that labs sometimes refer to this size as: "8X10 with a border" or as "6X9" as we called them too).


2- If you bought the regular 8X10 mats sold at most stores, then you can pick from three print size options that the lab will offer you:

A- 8X12 (or 9X12 depending on your camera): In this size, part of your photo will end up being covered by the mat. Note: there are 8X12 mats but they aren't easily available everywhere. And for our exhibits we can only fit up to 8X10.

B- 8X10 ("Full bleed" or "Cropped"): the lab will print your photo on 8X12, but then they'll clip 2 inches off of it, so to make it fit an 8X10 mat.

C- 6X9 (or 7X9): No part of your photo will be cropped by the mat nor the lab. But the image will be smaller than the window of the mats that you just bought (8X10). So you'll see a white border around your image.

We would recommend crossing out option B above, and going first for the 9X6 size, as we have the closest matching mats. But if not possible, then choosing any of either A or C will at least keep your photo un-cropped. You can always get new mats later (8X12 or 9X6). Unfortunately we don't have 7X9.5 nor do most art stores. This size is more common of the point and shoots, Panasonic and Olympus cameras. In this case 8X10 mats will leave a 1 inch white border evenly around the four edges, and our mats (6X9) will slightly cover only the wide edges of your photo. Similarly with the 9X12 sizes (on 8X12 mats).

Printing can take anywhere from 2-5 business days for turnaround. Make sure you drop off your prints early to guarantee they will be ready on time for your exhibit. Same day printing may be available at some labs, but normally for premium pricing. If you choose Blick Art Materials - at 13th st or in Soho - mention PhotoManhattan and you should get a discount. Feel free to call us when at the store.

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Set of 6 Mats & Hangers
$10 off - Used $35.00
Set of 6 Mats & Hangers

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