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Private Classes On Location

Schedule a private class tailored to your needs, schedule, and location. Easy automatic online booking. Starting at $70 per student per hour per student + a $35 one time travel fee per session. Take a Group class and save big:

* 2 people: $99 p/hour
* 3-5 people: $35 p/hour
* 6-8 people: $30 p/hour
* 9-14 people: $22 p/hour
* 15-20 people: $15 p/hour

There is a $35 one time travel fee per scheduled session. Groups Bigger than 20: book two classes with two different instructors, at the same applicable rates. On-location class arrangements are done on a case by case basis and might be discontinued at any time for whatever reason. Location must be a public space, such as offices, parks, and coffee shops and need to be approved before hand. Private classes cannot be made at homes or private places. The instructor can choose to accept or decline to teach classes at any location that they deem not appropriate, for whatever reasons at any time thereon.

All communications should be directed to PhotoManhattan: apr@photomanhattan.com or 212 929-3302. Our instructor will meet you at the set time and location but is not required to provide his/her personal contact information. Please be at the exact time and place arranged prior to 1 hour from the time of class, please communicate directly with PhotoManhattan.

Schedules, terms and fees might change at any time. Cancellations, changes, payments and all arrangements including the payment of your balance, must be finalized within 48 hours from your first class at: https://www.photomanhattan.com/product-p/pcg-loc-... Should there be unpaid balances or any pending arrangement thereon, the class maybe automatically cancelled.

How to BOOK:

1- Use the "CALENDAR" to the left (or at the tab at the bottom of this page) to book your next class.
2- Once you get a booking confirmation screen at the calendar, please proceed to your deposit payment right below this text.
$15 - $80 per person. + $35 one time travel fee


Number of Students*:
(price is per hour)

Confirm Duration

Amount of hours*:

30 Min

Payment Notes

Bookings are made with a non-creditable / non-refundable deposit.Photo Studio attendance is limited to sitters and Models only. (No classes)

Description CALENDAR
Group Private class rates -

Minimum: 2 hours

Prices per hour per person:
* 1 person: $70
* 2 people: $99

* 3-5 people: $35
* 6-8 people: $30
* 9-14 people: $22
* 15-20 people: $15
There is a $35 one time travel fee per scheduled session.
Groups Bigger than 20: book two classes with two different instructors, at the same applicable rates.

Use the topics below as a starting reference. You will then customize the each class to your like after the first class. _______________________________
Introductory Photography. Basic subjects such as camera settings and exposure, to more intermediate general topics, such as composition and street photography, and basic Portrait and Lighting.

From beginner photoshop to advanced. Requirement: Computer knowledge is a must. PhotoManhattan will provide an Apple laptop with Photoshop CS6. If you wish to bring your own laptop, please specify which version of Photoshop you have.

Portable Flash
Our knowledgeable instructors will help you figure out the ins and outs of your flash. We need to know your flash and camera's specific brand and model so that the instructor can know the compatibility options between the two. Requirement: Photo exposure experience (aperture/shutter speed).

Studio & Lighting
Class can be primarily on how to use the equipment (strobes, flash-meters, etc), or focus on achieving a particular lighting technique. In this case, please bring a sample of a photograph with the lighting effect that you wish to achieve You can bring a model if you wish, and if you feel comfortable with the basics. Requirement: Photo exposure experience (aperture/shutter speed) and specification on what you'd like to work on.

Other topics
If you are looking for a different class than those above, please provides us with a detailed description of what you are looking to learn. Please come to class with all of your questions handy. Also bring with you samples of photographs you like. Be ready to describe what you would like to achieve in general.

For Darkroom classes click here.

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