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Group Photo Critique: Wednesday May 20, 6:15 PM-7:45 PM.
Group Photo Critique: Wednesday May 20, 6:15 PM-7:45 PM.
Full fee: $55.00

FULL/CLOSED ("Add to cart" for waitlist)

This workshop is available Online.
As of now all classes are online only. It's a fully interactive Virtual classroom with time for questions & answers and assignments review. It's simple, we'll email all registrants a link to join in.
We'll allow in-Person attendance when it becomes possible.

Group Photo Critique

Join in for a session of photo discussion: Ask any questions, share your opinion and mingle with the rest of the participants remotely. This is a new meet-up put together to provide us all with an artistic outlet. It's for every level!

This is similar to a photo exhibit in the sense that the main event is: photos being reviewed and analyzed. The photos can be your own, OR, your favorite ones from other photographers.The session will be specifically focused on Image Visuals: what is it that makes an image beautiful, breath-taking? If you bring your own photos, the instructor will share great advise on how to expand your own style. (Yes, you have one!). Or, you can select your favorite photos from other photographers and share with us the story, what you like about them, what (if any) questions you and the group might have.

There are no requirements, mixed levels. Let's meet up!

Note: this meeting won't discuss technical topics, such as camera and exposure basics. (Available as separate sessions).

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