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TTL Flash

This TTL flash course is a thorough training on using your flash in various modes — automatic, TTL, manual and off-camera. Students will learn special techniques for setting up creative lighting.

Course covers off-camera flash and setups of up to 3 units both wired and wireless. Class shooting and demonstrations will be made using PhotoManhattan’s equipment. Students will be given weekly assignments using their own flash units.

Available versions:

  • 4 sessions, 2-hour classes
  • 2 sessions, 4-hour classes


  1. Digital SLR or point-and-shoot with manual option and flash mount. We highly recommend DSLRs.
  2. Portable flash unit of any kind (other than camera’s built-in). Note: If you have an older flash unit, some of the automatic options explained in class might not be available.

Level of Knowledge Assumed: Digital Photography I or equivalent; Photo II recommended.

Course Structure Suggestion: Photo I → TTL Flash → Studio & LightingWedding Photography (in this order or in parallel).

This course may qualify for free studio meetups.

Note: Should the assigned instructor become suddenly unavailable, we’ll allocate a substitute.

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