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Pay Per Class plan

Want to ease up on the up front costs or have a tight schedule? With PhotoManhattan's deferred payment plan you can now enjoy the flexibility of completing a course while paying class per class and on different schedules.


  • There's no obligation to continue; if you can't make it to the next class you simply don't pay for it.
  • This option offers great savings over the cost of Private classes.
  • You may book your next class in a different ongoing course than your original one. i.e. if you can't make it for your Tuesday class, you may sit in on a Wednesday one. Limited to availability, requires prior approval.
  • What's best: if you are an ongoing student, you may book a class on any other course type (than the one that you signed up for) for up to 3 months after booking your first course under this program. i.e. You may take Composition class from photo 2, and next, a Lighting class from the Portraiture course. Limited to availability, requires prior approval.

Plan details - How much will you pay per class:

Pay class pay class as per it's prorated cost, generally $30-$70 depending on the course original price. To know the exact amount: divide the course price by the number of classes (i.e. 5 for a 5-session course). There will be an additional one-time fee equal to the price of a single class. The first payment will be the setup fee (cost of 1 class) + the first class. After that, each class will one class at a time, as specified for each course. (No obligation to continue). You will receive a payment link where you can make your weekly bookings at your convenience.

What's the difference between this option and paying in full?

With a full payment you get our full illustrated syllabus from the start. And, if you miss a class we'll give you 1 free make up class. With "Pay per class" program there is a one time setup fee of $30-$70, as specified in each course. You get the syllabus for two classes at a time. If you skip class, we will try to locate up to 2 "extra" classes on other ongoing courses. (at the standard rate p/class).

Note: The "Extra" classes can be booked up to 2 months after completion of the original course. As this is a seasonal system, we can not provide spaces thereafter.

How to find which classes have this option?

This plan is available to selected courses each season. To start, select the course of your choice, at our Courses page, and check elligibility for this program by calling us at 212 929-3302, or writing us at [email protected]

You are already signed up for the Plan?

Book your next class here
(from class 2 and on).

$25-$70 p/class


Unsure if you will be able to commit to the full duration of a photography course? Want to ease up on the up front costs? With PhotoManhattan's deferred payment plan you can now enjoy the flexibility of completing a course, while paying class per class.

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