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PhotoManhattan Juried Student Show
Exhibit Date: October 26, 2012

* 1st Prize: $375 Gift Certificate at PhotoManhattan.
* 2nd Prize: One Fuji Finepix XP30 14mp camera with a 5x wide zoom.
* 3rd Prize: One $100 Gift Certificate to "17th Street Photo Supply"
* 4th Prize: One free Digital Camera Sensor cleaning by "FotoCare".

First Prize: Anne Guzman - avguzman@yahoo.com

Artist statement

Quality Time: Having been to many bustling cities around the globe, I am as intrigued by their quiet corners as I am by the frenzy of activity for which they're known. When, where and how do ordinary people manage to find a temporary respite in places that relentlessly dictate a neck-breaking pace? With the help of my camera as I roamed the streets of NY and other cities, I hope to have captured those quick flashes of quiet time for these city slickers - spent with a friend, on a passion, or simply just by themselves - when they could just immerse in the moment and truly live in the present. Given how rare these occasions must be for them, I hoped to never have intruded with my camera, capturing them as they took a pause for some quality time.

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Second Prize: Andrea Botti - thesoultrumpet@hotmail.com
Artist statement
The Machinary of the Simulator:
With the powerful death I attach images to words
I go between images by secret tunnels into the unknown.
And only when irremediable asks itself,
When the truth becomes a knot in one place,
That day the machinary of the simulator will devour itself.
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Third Prize: Edwin Barrios - trigger.me@hotmail.com
Artist statement

Portraits: My project is based on spontaneous shots of people using natural light.

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Fourth Prize: Brenda Sandburg
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All contestants:

Carla Mayol
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Betty Ann Rosa-Galderisi - beauricua@nyc.rr.com
Artist statement

Female Warrior: I chose this particular subject and theme to convey
the energy and alluring effect of feminine power.

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Jennifer Dikes - jenniferdikes@gmail.com
Artist statement

This selection of photographs is clearly a selection of photographs of flowers. I started out looking at flowers as objects to photograph because they are pretty and are small elements of the natural world. Through the classes I have taken at PhotoManhattan, I have started to develop a new way of looking at these objects through the camera in terms of shape, line, color, texture, light and shadow.

I have begun looking at flowers as elements of a larger composition (like the two images of daisies), as well as to explore the huge varieties of color flowers demonstrate. The photograph of the tulip shows the direction that my photographs are moving in – looking at objects in close up to create images that show more texture and form than representation of a specific object. As I begin learning more macro photography techniques, I plan to continue using flowers as a tool to see photographically.

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Kerry Cozzolino - khcozz@optonline.net
Artist statement

My family and I were on vacation in Long Beach Island, New Jersey and enjoyed watching the surfers that came out each day to enjoy the waves. There had been a bad storm in the South and the remnants of the storm created great surfing waves on the East Coast. Of course, as a fan of sports photography, I really enjoyed capturing these moments with my camera.

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Marina Vykhodtseva
marina_exitseva@yahoo.com Back to top

William Montalvo - wwm4@me.com
Artist statement
Photo collection taken by William Montalvo. William wanted to enhance subject's mood by playing with lighting and textures and natural lighting at various times of day. he directs his subject with dialogue but prefers an organic pose rather than it to be forced. He prefers black and white because he believes it creates the most drama, provoking thought between the viewer and the art however he recently started working with color and studio lighting to expand his creative abilities.

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