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Photo Webinars are photography workshops broadcasted live from our New York School. Each student participates remotely with fully interactive communication through two way audio (and video - optional). Enrich your experience with imagery shared by class mates from around the world, from Street Photography, Journalism, Landscape to food photography and everything in between. Workshops include full hands on participation, in class photo shoots, individual attention and FAQ's (as naturally limited in a group session), weekly assignments presentation, and If your course includes an exhibition your photos will be posted on your behalf at our school showcase and online (optional). Live webinars and online photography classes are an excellent choice.

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Key features:

  • Instant gratification. Get your questions answered on the spot. No need to spend countless hours researching online.
  • Every buck for your Money! Our trained instructors focus every minute of each class on you, your experience, your questions, and helping you to achieve your goals.
  • You will get merits. We'll provide you with a certificate of completion for each online course that you complete, backed by our 15+ years Photography School in NYC.
  • Convenience. Choose to fully participate, share your shots with us, or simply sit back at home and listen it. The choice is yours.
  • Money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your course, get a full refund of your purchase. (request after 2nd class).

What you'll need:

A gmail account. If using a computer that's it. (you'll just click on the link that we send you). If using a cell phone, you'd need to install the Hangouts app. We'll email you full details on how to prior to the start of class.

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How to sign up and attend:

  • Find ongoing pre-schedule Webinar courses below OR Schedule your own One-on-One tutoring..
  • All you'll need is a gmail account, and functioning speakers and microphone in your computer. You may use a mobile phone, for single day classes - However, for courses - longer than one day- we recommend a computer so to be able to load your assignments, as this is not currently possible through mobile phones. (View system requirements)
  • After registration you'll be sent an "Attendee link" and the detailed instructions on how to attend. You'll also have time to test prior to class.
  • Have your camera ready and be prepared to do in class photo shooting exercises

Take any photography class from the comfort of your home or office. Sessions can be about any topic from beginner to advanced, and if you are in need of guidance with a live photo shoot, our instructors will help you achieve the effect that you are looking for or to troubleshoot any issues that you encounter. It's easy and fully interactive, using Video call using Google hangouts. All you need is a Gmail account. You maybe located anywhere in the world.
We recommend starting with 45min sessions at first. Upon booking, You'll get instructions on how to set up. View setup steps at the bottom of this page.

Pricing per Session - Of 45min:
1 student: $70 | 2 students: $150 | For bigger groups please inquire. Note, we recommend taking classes separately. |

Discounts: Book a package of several classes and get existing course or fully customized content.
4-7 sessions. Existing course: 15% off. Fully customized course: 10% off.
8-16 sessions. Existing course: 25% off. Fully customized course: 20% off.

How to book:

1- Use the Calendar below to choose your dates. Click to book and fill in the form. The booking will be 45min.
2- To book more dates, refresh your browser and repeat step one above.

3- Once you are done please complete your
Payment page here. Note: bookings without payment will be cancelled within 30min.

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Food Styling - Remote private class Food Styling - Remote private class

This workshop is made for everyone, for foodies and fans, chefs and cooks alike. Learn how to make your food photos delicious but also as fresh and colorful as your creation (or the restaurant's)!

Other options: Other options:

  • Build your own: Take any courses by way of private class and save! Starts at $70. Book a private class.

  • Get a Gift card to use towards any future course openings and save $40-$100. Gift cards never expire! Buy a gift card now.


About us:

At PhotoManhattan we've been offering excellent photography instruction, photo rentals and exhibit space in NYC, USA, since 2003. More.. If you are ever in New York, come meet us, participate on our exhibits, use our rental (office/photo etc). Our school is your base.



Below are the system requirements for a Google+ Hangout:

Supported Browsers:

Supported Operating systems:

Google+ Hangouts supports the current version and 2 prior major release versions of the operating systems listed below on a rolling basis. The operating systems we support are:

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Chrome
  • Ubuntu and other Debian based Linux distributions

Processor Minimum Requirements:

Any 2 Ghz dual core processor or greater.

Bandwidth Recomendations:

  • For 1:1 connections we suggest a 1 mbps/1 mbps (up/down)
  • For group video connectivity we suggest 1 mbps/2 mbps (up/down)

The bandwidth used by Hangouts is adaptive and will vary to provide the best experience for the given conditions of the participants' network. Here is a guide for the minimum and maximum bandwidth requirements and expectations:

Minimum bandwidth required:

  • Outbound from the participant: 256 kbps
  • Inbound to the participant: 512 kbps

Ideal bandwidth for the best experience:

  • Outbound from the participant: 1 mbps
  • Inbound to the participant: 2.5 mbps

With group Hangouts of more than 2 people you can expect bandwidth usage in ideal situations to be:

  • Outbound from the participant in all situations: 900kbps
  • Inbound to the participant with 5 participants: 2mbps
  • Inbound to the participant with 10 participants: 3mbps

Other online and remote learning options:
1- Free Online photography tutorials: Get started right away with free photography tutorials that will guide you through the tricks & tips on photographing products for sale immediately. Find tutorials. 2- Remote assistance: Schedule a 30min remote session with one of our pros to assist you with your Photography. New! Request date, time, topic.
3- Private Tutoring: Book a tutor to your location within Manhattan, NYC. Schedule any time within 48 hours, customize topics to your specific needs, whether it's photography tips, ideas, just troubleshooting, or more technical training. View availability.