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Artist Space Rental Membership
Monthly Space Rental NYC
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Price with Selected Options: $0.00
Monthly Private Space Rental membership: 6 hours weekly for as low as $275 per month!

Open call for Artists! Private space rental, personal locker and other storage area. Use space for casts, classes, painting & more! Free Chairs, whiteboard, wifi. Photo Studio (for a flat fee). Great spot at 14th @6th Ave!

Save on the prices above by picking fixed hours: Mondays-Thursdays or weekends:
* 100 sq. feet: 12 hours weekly, $450 p/m.
* 230 sq. feet: 12 hours weekly: $950 p/m.
* 6-hour packages $275-$445.
* Add photo equipment for a low fee.

How to book: View all available studios (from 100-1000 sq. feet), schedule options and pricing below.
Note, We have other options not listed here, please feel free to inquire or suggest options for your specific needs. Hope to see you soon!

Studio Size


Mondays-Thursdays 12-3pm
Mondays-Thursdays 3-6pm
Mondays-Thursdays 6-9pm
Fri, Sat, Sun 2-6pm (25% Extra)
After hours

Other (i.e. Fri, Sat, Sun). Requires deposit $1000. [$1,000.00]
Other (i.e. Fri, Sat, Sun). Requires deposit $2000. [$2,000.00]
Other (i.e. Fri, Sat, Sun). Requires deposit $3000. [$3,000.00]


(Photo studio Includes: 2 strobes (Alienbees 400ws), 2 umbrellas, 2 soft-boxes, 2 snoots, 2 barn-doors, 4 light stands, 1 boom-arm, 4 honey grid-combs (10, 20, 30 or 40 degrees), one 5-way reflector. View more / hourly photo studio.)

Payment Notes

I understand & agree to the Membership terms as shown at purchase time below -https://bit.ly/2BB6e5F

Description CALENDAR
Located at 51 West 14TH ST Street, steps from all major trains @6th Ave, we offer our studios for use as an office space or for artists or for classes, conferences, casting, video production, and other events. Get a monthly membership and pick the size that works for you:

  • Studio A: 100 sq. ft. Fits 2-3 people. Monthly: 6 hours: $275. 12 hours: $450.
  • Studio B: 230 sq. ft. (image below). Fits 20 people. Monthly: 6 hours: $545. 12 hours: $950.
  • Studio C: 500 sq. ft. Fits 40 people. Monthly: 6 hours: $1,095. 12 hours: $1,900.
  • Full space: 1000 sq. ft. Monthly: 6 hours: $2,185. 12 hours: $3,800. Includes: two 230 sq. ft rooms + one 100 sq. ft room + open space 300sq. ft. Fits 50+ people.
Space is located on the second or third floor, walk up, 10 feet high ceilings, north exposure, private bathroom, water availability, and waiting room area. We provide chairs, and dry erase boards, and internet at no charge. Projector can be added for a fee. Paid parking is 1 door down. Hourly meters are available 24/7 on 14th ST. Automated online bookings and great discounts!

We've rented the space out for many artists in the past, including Techo-U.S, non profit who turned the space rental (left) into a slum looking rental in NYC (video on the right) - Amazing work!

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Office rental NYC

Several studios and full space
Photo studio rental - 235 sf.
Photo Exhibit Event - Full space

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