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Beginner Photography Classes: Intro to Photo, Camera basics, and Video

Photography classes NYC - Midtown Manhattan traffic

In this section you'll find several class options: "Introduction to Photography" (that replaces "The Digital Camera - A beginners' guide", and "DSLR Video".

Introduction to Photography

Starts at $325.

You can take this course with any cameras, phones, mirrorless, point and shoots, DSLR. With or without Manual Mode. You'll earn the tons of tricks that you can do with the equipment that you already have, without complexity and staying in Auto mode if you prefer! Come grab and get a grasp of the fundamentals of photography!

You'll learn the tricks to enhance your sharpness, focus, create motion blur shots, freeze motion, use the on-camera flash, take photos at night, and gain basic control over your exposure, as well as the main camera settings and options.

We'll explore settings such as exposure compensation and various presets that can turn a regular image into a special one. Our knowledgeable instructors will guide you through all the main options that your camera has, and how and when to apply each of them based on the effect and scene that you are looking to portray.

Additionally, this class will thoroughly introduce to all other digital photography related topics that you will need to know when planning to buy your next camera. These subjects include, megapixels, lenses, noise, white balance, ISO, SD cards and much more. Never miss that shot again!

Weather permitting, We'll head outdoors around Union Square or the Highline, as much as possible so you gain for real life shooting practice of your newly learned skills. Class structures are mixed with Photo Critiquing HW, Verbal Instruction and Hands-on Exercises. A mixture to cater to all learning types. Additionally, you'll develop your own photo project will have the option in showing off your photos in one of our monthly photo exhibits! (which you don’t want to miss)! View samples of our Digital Photography I students' work here.

Requirements: Any cameras. (Phone, Mirrorless, Point and Shoot or DSLR). Note you may choose to attend without a camera. By ANY we mean any kind, type or model. For the first class, please try to bring your manual for reference.

** Students who completed The Digital Camera course in the past, don't need to take this course.

Course Structure Suggestion: This course covers all of the basics and we therefore highly recommend that it is taken before any other course (except for the Manual Mode course). And pairing it with the Creative Photography course and Travel Photography.

Notes on film cameras: Please note that while most content of this course is applicable to digital cameras, you are welcome to attend as long as your film camera has an automatic shooting mode. Should the assigned instructor become suddenly unavailable, we'll allocate a substitute.

Available versions:

  • 5 sessions: optional exhibit.
  • 3 sessions: optional exhibit.
  • 2 sessions: optional exhibit.

Photography classes NYC - Midtown Manhattan traffic
DSLR Video I – Expand Your Camera Knowledge

Starts at $350!

DSLR Video classes NYC - Midtown Manhattan traffic

Make those pictures move. Expand your skills to take full advantage of today's digital camera's ever expanding HD video capabilities. This hands on video workshop will guide through the full settings of your camera to produce the best videos possible. These video classes are hands on workshops that will cover all you need to know to produce great videos using a traditional photography camera.

During each session students will be introduced to the fundamentals of video making from tripods to free hand, sound settings and microphones (provided by PhotoManhattan) to composition and motion, video settings and much more. Course will include weekly assignments, and in-class shooting and practice. This course is intended for photographers. Limited to 10 Students.

Available versions:

  • 5 sessions: optional exhibit.
  • 3 sessions: optional exhibit.
  • 2 sessions: optional exhibit.

Requirements: a video-enabled camera.

Level of Knowledge Assumed: basic still photography understanding and practice. Students are expected to feel comfortable browsing camera and exposure settings for still photography. The first half of our Photo I course can suffice depending on each student.

Note: should the assigned instructor become suddenly unavailable, we'll allocate a substitute instructor.

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Digital Photography Classes NYC Introduction to Photography

This photography course covers the foundamentals of image making. Course includes basic lighting and exposure, night photography, motion blur, and much more. All cameras including Smartphones are welcome.