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Film & B&W Photography Classes

If you are looking for film photography classes in NYC, or a Black & White photo course, look no further! Having one of the last available darkrooms in Manhattan, we are able to teach analog photography, the basics of printing, black-and-white photography and all of the fundamentals in one place.

Film Photography - Color & Black and White

This course is for those who have film cameras - including Fujifilm Instax camera. Classes will cover everything you need to know to get started — loading your camera, camera settings, color management, grain, hands-on shooting, shooting and processing special effects, and the basics of how and where to send your photos to be processed and printed. Some of the courses might include a sample of the darkroom (if available). 6-hour workshop.

Black-and-White Photography Course

This course is for both digital or film camera users. It is a thorough entry into the world of black-and-white photography, covering the principles of B&W (the zone system, iconic photographs and the masters of B&W), hands-on shooting, lighting techniques and post processing that will make your B&W photos stand out, whether you use film or digital cameras. 6-hour workshop.

Darkroom classes: are taught by way of private one on one sessions. Please speak with your instructor. Note: Group classes are not offered. For any other questions, call us on 212 929-3302. If you are looking to learn film photography without the use of a darkroom, we recommend our regular private classes.

Darkroom rental: Our darkroom is currently under renovation. However, it can be used for hourly rentals for film processing and printing, so you can also get plenty of practice on your own.

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Customized Live Virtual Classes Customized Live Virtual Classes

Choose any topic any time. Connect remotely and learn! Starts at $140,

Film Photography: Jan 17-Jan 24, Tuesdays 5:15 PM-7:00 PM. Online Film Photography: Jan 17-Jan 24, Tuesdays 5:15 PM-7:00 PM. Online

Instructor: TBA.(View Bio)

(Film Photography: 3/25. Intensive!
07/22 at PhotoManhattan)_PhotoManhattan)_

Full fee: $299.00