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iPhoneography Weekly, Creative - Mondays. Online.
iPhoneography Weekly, Creative - Mondays. Online.

Every Monday there's a different class. Introductory prices, limited spaces, reschedules are not possible other than with 3 days notice. Free classes are limited to one time per student and can't be rescheduled. Scroll down to find this weeks options!

Full fee: $40.00



General Information
We've designed these weekly stand-alone sessions for you to take at your leisure. There are no prerequisites.
Every week you'll find these below:

1) The Fundametnals - Fridays

a) Camera App:
Understand your iPhone Camera app, possibilities, lenses, hidden menus and more!

b) Shooting:
Learn how to always get the right exposure!

c) The Portrait mode & Manual mode:
Unleash the potential of this hidden treasure

d) Night Mode and Motion Blur:
Set or unset night mode, work with motion blur and find work arounds!

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2) Lighting - Tue/Thu

a) Lighting 101:

Know how to work the key ingredient for beautiful photos!

b) Lighting special effects:
Get amazing lighting like a pro!

c) Indoor lighting:
Learn about the flash, lighting accessories and work arounds.

d) Editing for Lighting and color:
Know how to quickly touch up your photos for best results.

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3) Creative Photo - Mondays

a) The art of the selfie 1.
Go beyond the Portrait Mode and learn all about beautiful portraiture!

The art of the selfie 2.
Learn about lenses, distortions, angles, and lighting and beyond

Black and White,
Learn how to created striking B&W shots with your iPhone.

Color, Light and editing.
Go from washed out pink to vivid reds and the whole spectrum!

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Yes, that smartphone that you have in your pocket has a great camera! But have you ever wondered how much more you can do with it? Today's smart phones are much more than a "point and shoot camera"!

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