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Photo classes deal reviews at PhotoManhattan

In this section you can find all photo classes deals and specials made just for our students. Find specials for Photography courses, New York photo store discounts of up to 25% on photography equipment, holiday photo deals, specials and discounts, free photo studio and meet-up space and much more. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Veterans day, Columbus day, Labor day, New Year's discounts and 4th of July deals, Holiday Sweepstakes, Valentines specials, and we offer excellent photo deals & photo classes below $99.00 all year round. Join our photography school and minimize the costs of Photography!

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Digital Photography Classes NYC Introduction to Photography

This photography course covers the foundamentals of image making. Course includes basic lighting and exposure, night photography, motion blur, and much more. All cameras including Smartphones are welcome.

Digital Photography classes NYC Master your Exposure & Imagery with Manual Mode

Did you know? Now iPhones and latest smartphones have Manual Mode! Find out all that can be done with Manual Mode beyond Bokeh background blur. No need to be afraid of the “M” on your camera anymore! With "M" mode you are able to unleash the full potential of your camera's technical ability and do amazing effects!

Creative Photography classes NYC Visuals & Composition

Take a journey into the world of Visuals, Learn the rules of framing and composition, and develop your own style. All cameras and iPhones are welcome!

Starts at: $325.00. (Online).
In Person: $375.00.

Landscape Photography Class PhotoManhattan Travel, Landscape & Street Photography

Shoot on the ground in New York City in a course built on intensive hands-on photo field trips. From street photography to documentary, photojournalism and Travel Photography. Sessions will consist of realtime, outdoor shooting.

Portrait class NYC | PhotoManhattan Portrait & Headshots for Beginners

Welcome to Portraiture!. This workshop is a full guide to the fundamentals of portraiture. You'll learn: Posing, capturing the moments, Gestures, Body language, backgrounds, shooting angles, and directing and interacting with your subjects.

Creative Portrait, Lighting & Posing Creative Portrait, Lighting & Posing

This course will guide you through all that there is to see to unleash your imagination and create the most unique portraits. Made for everyone, using any types of cameras, with or without Manual Mode.

Starts at: $345.00. (Online).
In Person: $395.00.
- Reserve Private class
Photo Lighting classes NYC Studio & Lighting

Learn controled lighting to achieve precise results. Experiment and understand the techniques for creative imagery in portraiture and still life and product photography. Professional lighting equipment will be provided each class of this tutorial.

iPhoneography Weekly, The Fundamentals - Fridays. Online. iPhoneography Weekly, The Fundamentals - Fridays. Online.

Join us any day of the week for these amazing stand-alone iPhone classes. You have 12 options to choose from every week!

Film Photography classes NYC Film Photography

Bring your film camera and learn all about it, from loading film, to the camera settings, to film development guides.

Starts at: $325.00. (Online).
In Person: $375.00.
Lightroom Photo classes NYC Lightroom

Learn how to fine-tune your pictures through post-processing using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Start your editing journey with topics including brightness and contrast, color balance, levels, curves, clone stamp, filters and more.

Starts at: $325.00. (Online).
In Person: $375.00.
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