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This course explores both the intangibles of art portraiture and the concrete specifics of client-based portraiture in NYC. The work of successful photographers in candid, formal and commercial portraiture will be analyzed and harvested for both their technical and aesthetic merits. Classes include: Introduction to portraiture styles and history, portraiture composition, directing the sitters, environmental portraiture and portrait lighting using hot-lights, and a live professional model photo shoot.

Available versions:

  • 9 sessions (including exhibit)
  • 5 sessions (optional exhibit)

Requirements: a digital camera with manual settings (Aperture & Shutter speed).

Level of Knowledge Assumed: Digital Photography I or equivalent, Photo II recommended.

Course Structure Suggestion: Photo I Studio & Lighting and PortraiturePhoto Journalism and/or Wedding Photography (in this order or in parallel).

Note: Should the assigned instructor become suddenly unavailable, we’ll allocate a substitute instructor.

This course may qualify for free studio meetups.

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New dates Jan-Jun will be posted in Nov 21! Save $50 with a Gift card now.

Portraiture I (5 Sessions): Nov 11-Dec 16, Saturdays 10:45 AM-1:15 PM. No class on 11/25

Instructor: C.N. (tbc). View Bio.

(Portraiture I (5 Sessions): 11/11-12/16. No class on 11/25
11/11 at PhotoManhattan)_

Full fee: $420.00
Join on 2nd class! $399.00

Savings: $21.00
Portraiture I (9 Sessions): Dec 04-Feb 06, Mondays 6:00 PM-8:00 PM. No class on 12/25 & 1/ 1 . And Exhibit on Fri 2/9, 6:30-10:30pm (TBA)

Instructor: H.G.(View Bio)

(Portraiture I (9 Sessions): 12/04-01/29. No class on 12/25 & 1/ 1 .
12/04 at PhotoManhattan)_

Full fee: $430.00
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