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Single student: $70 p/hour. Minimum booking: 2 hours.
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General Information:
Most courses can be completed much quicker than in a group course. On average, you may complete a full course in one third to half of the duration of the group course, depending on the time you'll have to experiment with assignments and the material learned. For example A Photo I course is 16 hours. You can complete it in 5-8 hours of private classes.

You can take any courses of your choice, in a one-on-one course customized to your schedule and specific needs. If you have a course in mind, please specify it on the comments area (View list of courses here -Popup window). Or you may select from either of 5 broad categories specified on the side bar below.

Single student: $70 p/hour.
Minimum booking: 2 hours.

Group sessions:
(per person p/hour)
* 2 students: $49.5
* 3-5 students: $35
* 6-8 students: $30.
* 9-14 students: $22.
* 15-20 students: $15.

Use the topics below as a starting reference. You will then customize the each class to your like after the first class.

Use the topics below as a starting reference. You will then customize the each class to your like after the first class.


Introductory Photography: Basic subjects such as camera settings and exposure, to more intermediate general topics, such as composition and street photography, and basic Portrait and Lighting.

From beginner photoshop to advanced. Requirement: Computer knowledge is a must. PhotoManhattan will provide an Apple laptop with Photoshop CS6. If you wish to bring your own laptop, please specify which version of Photoshop you have.

Portable Flash:
Our knowledgeable instructors will help you figure out the ins and outs of your flash. We need to know your flash and camera's specific brand and model so that the instructor can know the compatibility options between the two. Requirement: Photo exposure experience (aperture/shutter speed).

Studio Lighting / Product Photography:
Class can be primarily on how to use the equipment (strobes, flash-meters, etc), or focus on achieving a particular lighting technique. In this case, please bring a sample of a photograph with the lighting effect that you wish to achieve. You can bring a model if you wish, and if you feel comfortable with the basics. If you are looking for basic Product photography without Strobes, please add so in the comments area. Requirement: Photo exposure experience (aperture/shutter speed) and specification on what you'd like to work on.

Other topics:
If you are looking for a different class than those above, please provides us with a detailed description of what you are looking to learn. Please come to class with all of your questions handy. Also bring with you samples of photographs you like. Be ready to describe what you would like to achieve in general.


Darkroom Please use this link to book.