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DSLR Video I – Expand Your Camera Knowledge

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Make those pictures move. Expand your skills to take full advantage of today's digital camera's ever expanding HD video capabilities. This hands on video workshop will guide through the full settings of your camera to produce the best videos possible. These video classes are hands on workshops that will cover all you need to know to produce great videos using a traditional photography camera.

During each session students will be introduced to the fundamentals of video making from tripods to free hand, sound settings and microphones (provided by PhotoManhattan) to composition and motion, video settings and much more. Course will include weekly assignments, and in-class shooting and practice. This course is intended for photographers. Limited to 10 Students.

Available versions:

  • 6 sessions: 2-hour classes.
  • 5 sessions: 2.5-hour classes.
  • 3 sessions: 4-hour classes.

All versions cover the same material. Limited to 15 students.

Requirements: a video-enabled camera.

Level of Knowledge Assumed: basic still photography understanding and practice. Students are expected to feel comfortable browsing camera and exposure settings for still photography. The first half of our Photo I course can suffice depending on each student.

Note: should the assigned instructor become suddenly unavailable, we'll allocate a substitute instructor.

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Remote One-on-One Sessions Remote One-on-One Sessions

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One 45-min Session: $70.00
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All courses have 1 FREE make up class. And, <br>Free 24-hour cancellation. View more... All courses have 1 FREE make up class. And,
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Each course comes with 1 Free make up class - schedule your makeup class hassle-free anytime. And free 24-hour cancellation.

Video: Jul 24-Aug 07, Fridays 1:15 PM-4:30 PM.  | In person or online. Video: Jul 24-Aug 07, Fridays 1:15 PM-4:30 PM. | In person or online.

Instructor: S.K.(View Bio)

(Video: 07/24-08/07.
07/24 at PhotoManhattan)_PhotoManhattan)_ $350.

Full fee: $350.00
Available In person or online.
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