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Short Photo classes & Webinars

Our short introductory classes are mostly hands-on workshops and do not require more than very basic knowledge and equipment. The sessions last 1 or 2 hours and cost $45–$90. Take them at lunch time, in person, online or remotely using your mobile phone! (You'll only need a gmail account and Hangouts. View online-classes info).

These classes are part of our introductory courses and are generally scheduled back to back on the same day. We recommend bundling up to 2-3 hours of class and taking each session in the order listed at the bottom of this page.

Introductory package discounts:
4 hours: 10% off | 8 hours: 25% off | 12 hours: 35% off | 16 hours: 50% off . Discounts will automatically apply at checkout.

Note, If you are already registered for a course you don't need these classes (unless you are looking for a refresher on specific skills).

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