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Whether you want to learn how to use your camera in full manual mode, take an outdoor photography tour in the streets of New York, or master studio and lighting techniques, PhotoManhattan photography school is the place for you. Take your classes at PhotoManhattan or online via Virtual Classrooms.

We provide solid training in digital and film photography. Free seminars, evening and weekend classes, street photo workshops, private lessons and online photography classes, as well as darkroom and photo studio rentals.

Teaching thousands of New York photographers since 2003. Excellent instructors, proven curricula, hands-on training and a friendly atmosphere. 

Seminar Digital Camera Settings - Feb 24, Saturday 12:15 PM-3:00 PM. In-person/Outdoors Seminar Digital Camera Settings - Feb 24, Saturday 12:15 PM-3:00 PM. In-person/Outdoors

Whether you use a DSLR, point and shoot, Mirrorless, or smartphone camera, learn the tons of tricks that you may be missing out on. Join us and unleash your camera's potential!

Photoshop Class NYC | PhotoManhattan Photoshop - Feb 26-Mar 18. Mondays 3:45 PM-5:30 PM. Online.

Learn how to fine-tune your pictures through post-processing. Topics include adjusting brightness and contrast, color balance, levels, curves, clone stamp, filters and more.

One-on-One classes. In-person, outdoors or Online One-on-One classes. In-person, outdoors or Online

One on One or group classes tailored to your needs and schedule. In-person, online and outdoors. Pick any topics, start this week with easy automatic online booking. Starts at $140.

Full fee: $1.00
Digital Photography Classes NYC Introduction to Photography - Feb 24-Mar 09, Saturdays 12:15 PM-3:00 PM. In-person/Outdoors.

This photography course covers the foundations of image making. Course includes exposure control, depth of field & motion blur, framing & shooting strangers, built in flash, and the basics of digital post processing.

iPhoneography Weekly, The Fundamentals - Fridays. Online. - <b>Shooting: </b>Fri  Mar 01, 5:45 PM-7:00 PM. iPhoneography Weekly, The Fundamentals - Fridays. Online. - Shooting: Fri Mar 01, 5:45 PM-7:00 PM.

Join us any day of the week for these amazing stand-alone iPhone classes. You have 12 options to choose from every week!

Creative Photography classes NYC Visuals & Composition - Mar 02-Mar 16, Saturdays 3:15 PM-5:50 PM. In-person/Outdoors.

You know the "rules" of photography, now we break them. Experiment and expand your creativity to develop your own style. This course will explore advanced lighting, color filters, pattern, texture, image design, history of photography and more.

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Updates COVID-19 : Most all classes are offered now online until COVID-19 is no longer a concern. Other courses are in person with safety guidelines in place.

Recommended Courses

* Creative Photography: This course will explore advanced lighting, color filters, pattern, texture, image design, history of photography and more.
* Portrait: Learn the basics of posing, composition and lighting, as well as creative portrait, and the art of Self portrait.
* Beginner Photography: Get a solid review of the fundamentals of photography, including camera and exposure settings, framing, motion blur, focus control, night photography, Video and much more.

Reviews and Testimonials

"Wonderful Experience!". Reviewer: Katie Wilson from Fords, NJ United States. February 23, 2014.
"I have wanted to take a photography course for a number of years but it was difficult finding the right program without paying an exorbitant cost. I could not be happier that I registered at Photo Manhattan as it was a quality program and I can now navigate my camera. Our teacher, Bradford, is a wonderfully patient instructor and a great source for questions about photography and settings. In addition, he teaches with an enthusiastic positive attitude; it is clear this is not just his "job". I am sad that it is over this weekend! I have recommended the school to friends and look forward to my next course."

"Great class with lots of camera time". Reviewer: Jason from New York, NY United States. October 3, 2013.
"Excellent primer on technical aspects of photography coupled with plenty of field exercises. Talented and knowledgeable instructor provided constructive feedback and helped us through some of the more awkward situations one encounters. Would love to see a Street Photography II offered."

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