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Groupon Deal - PhotoManhattan 2013-2017

In this section, you can book classes purchased at PhotoManhattan Groupon deal: The Digital Camera, Composition and Framing, Focus control and the Lytro camera. $30-$88. View deal at Groupon.

Please review the description for each class below. And book your classes directly online at the bottom of this page. Note, if your Groupon deal doesn't include the classes above, you might have purchased a different deal, check our other Groupon deal/s here.

The Digital Camera seminar

Groupon Deal Digital Camera - PhotoManhattan

Each settings on your camera provides a world of potential for bettering your images. Whether you use a DSLR or a point and shoot, there are tons of tricks that you may be missing out on. We'll explore automatic camera settings such as exposure compensation and various presets that can turn a regular image into a special one. Our knowledgeable instructors will guide you through all the main options that your camera has, and how and when to apply each of them based on the effect and scene that you are looking to portray.

Additionally, this class will thoroughly introduce to all other digital photography related topics that you will need to know when making your next camera purchase. These subjects include, megapixels, lenses, noise, white balance, ISO, SD cards and much more. Never miss that shot again! Join us and learn to maximize your camera's potential to match with your creative skills.

Requirements: Digital camera (SLR or Point and shoot). No prior knowledge required.

Focus control and Lytro camera

Groupon Deal PhotoManhattan - Street Photography

The Lytro Camera, the "Light Field camera", is the first camera that lets you refocus anywhere on the image after you've shot it, from within the camera, your computer or even after uploading them to a website. Currently photos can be uploaded and shared to Facebook and Twitter or at lytro.com.

Use the image to the right to see how this works ->.

This seminar will guide you through understanding focus control, lenses, and depth of field as well as introduce you to hands on use of the Lytro camera. PhotoManhattan will provide the Lytro cameras for students to shoot during class (in groups). You can view many more facts about the Lytro camera at: https://www.lytro.com. Then come back and join us for this seminar. You don't need to have a Lytro camera, we'll share ours!

Composition and Framing

Groupon Deal PhotoManhattan - Street Photography

Improve your imagery with this 2-hour seminar! This 2-hour photography class will cover common tricks and tips for shooting street shots, lighting control techniques, focus, background, perspective, and many more quick techniques that will instantly become handy for your next travel, candid, or city shots. Opened to all levels.

Requirements: Basic knowledge of your camera's function is recommended. (In manual or Automatic Mode). Any Digital or Film camera, SLR or Point & Shoot.

Note, If you are enrolled in our Digital Photography I course, y you don't need this seminar, as this material will be covered during your course.

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Please note: If you have an expired voucher you cannot redeem on this section. Please call us at 212 929-3302. Past Groupon deals include 1- Prior to September 2013, and 2- After May 2017 (Digital Camera, iPhoneography, Street Photo).

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Seminar Digital Camera Settings Seminar Digital Camera Settings

Whether you use a DSLR, point and shoot, Mirrorless, or smartphone camera, learn the tons of tricks that you may be missing out on. Join us and unleash your camera's potential!

Seminar Framing & Composition Seminar Framing & Composition

Perfect your composition skills. Learn the basics of framing, the rule of thirds, perspective, lighting and much more!

Seminar Shooting in Manual Mode Seminar Shooting in Manual Mode

Are your images washed out? too dark, Blurry? This seminar will cover the principles of shooting options to improve your Photography.

Seminar Studio & Lighting Seminar Studio & Lighting

This the perfect first step to becoming acquainted with the Studio Photography! This workshop will be a full hands-on photo shooting using professional studio equipment.