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Groupon Deal - PhotoManhattan 2017

In this section, you can book classes purchased at 2017 PhotoManahttan Groupon deal: The Digital Camera, iPhoneography, Street Photography. $49-$139. (View deal at Groupon)

Please review the description for each class below. And book your classes directly online at the bottom of this page. Note, if your Groupon deal doesn't include the classes above, you might have purchased a different deal, please refer to our earlier Groupon deal here.

The Digital Camera seminar

Groupon Deal Digital Camera - PhotoManhattan

Each settings on your camera provides a world of potential for bettering your images. Whether you use a DSLR or a point and shoot, there are tons of tricks that you may be missing out on. We'll explore automatic camera settings such as exposure compensation and various presets that can turn a regular image into a special one. Our knowledgeable instructors will guide you through all the main options that your camera has, and how and when to apply each of them based on the effect and scene that you are looking to portray.

Additionally, this class will thoroughly introduce to all other digital photography related topics that you will need to know when making your next camera purchase. These subjects include, megapixels, lenses, noise, white balance, ISO, SD cards and much more. Never miss that shot again! Join us and learn to maximize your camera's potential to match with your creative skills.

Requirements: Digital camera (SLR or Point and shoot). No prior knowledge required.

iPhoneography seminar

Groupon Deal PhotoManhattan - iPhoneography

Yes, that iPhone that you have in your pocket has a great camera! But have you ever wondered how much more you can do with it? Today's smart phones are much more than a "point and shoot camera". Why not take full advantage of it?

These 2-hour classes will teach you how to maximize the potential of your phone camera and what you can do with some of its most popular photo apps. You will learn how to effectively work around some of its limitations and increase your iPhone's potential! You will be amazed (and so will your friends!). Don't wait any longer phones are getting better and smarter! .

Street Photography workshop

Groupon Deal PhotoManhattan - Street Photography

This 2-hour street photo session is the more basic version of our 10-hour Street Photography Course. In this class you will learn the tricks and tips on how to shoot quickly and efficiently so to capture beautiful street photos. Class will include composition, perspective, focus control, visualization and getting the best possible framing in busy streets and crowded spaces. There will also be outdoor shooting in or around Union Square park. Come ready to tour and snap. Whether you shoot with a DSLR, Point and shoot, or IPhone, this class is right for you.

Requirements: 1- Camera Settings basic knowledge (View Digital Camera settings above). 2- Digital camera (DSLR or Point and shoot or iPhone). Note: class will include a quick review of the camera's basics, but it will not be a lesson on camera settings. If you feel you need a reinforcement on it, please take the Digital Camera Settings prior to this class.

Note: if you are taking or plan on taking the Street Photography Course (10.5 hours), be aware that a bit of the basics might repeat. However, the street Photography course is much more advanced -within the beginner level.

How to book your Groupon class online

  1. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the class of your choice. In the next screen click "Add to bag".
  2. In the next screen - the Shopping cart - copy and paste this code into the "Apply Referral code" window: GROUPON13
    Then click Apply and "Proceed to checkout". This step is needed to make your cart $0.
  3. At the checkout window, please enter your Groupon Voucher in the area indicated (on the right side) and Finalize your booking. The Groupon Voucher is the 8 digit number under the bar-code. (it's different than the "Groupon number" at the bottom of screen). . Note. If voucher is missing, your registration will be automatically cancelled.

Please note: If you have an expired voucher you cannot redeem on this section. Please call us at 212 929-3302. Past Groupon deals include 1- Prior to September 2013, and 2- After September 2013 (Digital Camera, composition, and the Lytro camera).

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Seminar Digital Camera: Oct 14, Friday 4:30 PM-6:30 PM. In person Seminar Digital Camera: Oct 14, Friday 4:30 PM-6:30 PM. In person

Instructor: S.K.(View Bio)

(Seminar Digital Camera settings: 5/18
at PhotoManhattan)_

Full fee: $75.00
In person.
Street Photography: Oct 01, Saturday 11:30 PM- 1:30 PM. In Person Street Photography: Oct 01, Saturday 11:30 PM- 1:30 PM. In Person

Instructor: S.K.(View Bio)

(Seminar Street Photography: 03/24.
06/09 at PhotoManhattan)_PhotoManhattan)_ $95.

Full fee: $75.00
iPhoneography: Oct 28, Friday 4:30 PM-6:00 PM .In person iPhoneography: Oct 28, Friday 4:30 PM-6:00 PM .In person

Instructor: S.T.(View Bio)

(Seminar iPhoneography: 12/1
at PhotoManhattan)_

Full fee: $95.00